segunda-feira, 3 de julho de 2017

Character design for Enemies and NPC's

Some 2D Pixel Art characters Design for the game.

The Dollar - The Boss
 The Analyst
The Banker

 The Broker
The Bear -  Broker's Assistants

 The Bull -  Broker's Assistants

 Caddle Producer

Drones - The second from the row from the below

Mad Scientist

 Middle Class Men
 Middle Class Women

Real State Investor

Timber Merchant

Only the Drone is implemented, already firing and being destroyed. The Middle Class Men and Women they've became Enemies if the Entrepreneur "enabled" them!

Now, time for the NPC's

 Afro Gangster
 Latin Gangster
Urban - Men

 Urban - Men
 Casual - Women
 Urban - Women
 Urban - Women
 Fast Food Worker
 Office Worker - Men
 Office Worker - Women

Now, it's time for the hard work, animate all of them, with at least the:

- Idle
- Walking

- Idle
- Walking/patrolling
- Firing
- Dying

Stop talking and let´s get working!!
Stay alert for more updates!


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