sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2016

V8ORS-Flying Rat improvements

Spent the last days improving the V8ORS-Flying Rat, after a battle with the ChartBoost plugin, I have to thank the ChartBoost team and Sy DAo in special for the big help he gave me to solve the problem.

After this issue I was able to upload the App to the store, but another error was happening, this time it was the Version "it has to bee higher than the previous one". After a quick search, I was able to solve it. Now i have a Language problem, it seems that the Facebook SDK put's more language and now I have this error to solve, I'm going to attempt to unpublished the current Version App and then uploaded again, but first I'll see if its safe to do it like so.

Hoping this process doesn't take me more time, at this time I have some Design work to do, so it will take a while to get back to this mission.