terça-feira, 31 de março de 2015

Indie Gogo Campaign

V8ORS - Flying Rat has started a Crowdfunding Campaign in Indie Gogo .
Lot's of fun stuff in the perks. Started with the name in the game Credits, Wallpapers, and the application, in the Private Perks.
The Sargeant Perks has some appareal of the Game, some T-Shirts and Hoodies for the Sageants.
Officer Perks, little toys for big people. In the Officer Perks you get 3D printed models of the game, Start's with one model to choose, four models and if you want to be a Major, ALL MODELS for the Majors.
Here's a sneak preview of the perks, go see them in the Indie Gogo Campaign.
Hope you like them and some contribution will be nice!

V8ORS - Flying Rat - The new approach

All set for the promising future, refined enemies planes, another enemy class, a Indie Gogo Campaign, see it here. We're ready for combat, like the game!

Besides the normal Rat model it will have a PowerUp that will give him one damage point and more fire power.

The enemies were divided by classes; Fighters and Air Defences.
The first ones, like the name says, are Fighters. More maneuverability, fasters and deadly.
The colours range were defined to red and black, more black, more deadly!

Air Defence Class, are based in heavy armor and fire power, less maneuverability but fear to stop.
Some don't fire, like the Spikey, they serve to block our shots. The Torretz are made of two cannons shooting at you like there's no tomorrow!
Finally, the Twins, don't mess with them! They start shooting, but if you destroy them, they release the Twins, a pair of missiles made to destroy you!

The Limbo. . . . .

When everything looked almost finished. . . . . Back to zero.
Gave more time to consolidate ideas, concepts and models.
Stronger V8ORS Brand and future projects.
The V8ORS became a Brand and Flying Rat the sub-Brand. for the Endless Top Shooter.

Future projects will be announced in the In Pixel We Trust Website.

The Scenario and GUI

Scenario had to be very simple, light and stayed in the background.

The GUI is very simple, like the game, focus to what matters. See some examples of the first approach to the GUI.  The logo was not defined yet, but this is another post!

First wave of Enemies

The first enemies created, the RED BARON, SPLITFLAME and the TANK a bomber.




The colour scheme changed to a neutral colours with focus on the red.

The first 3D models

The first 3D models of the enemies, this one will  be the RED BARON.

Based on the drawing, next stage was to model in 3D.

The ideal Shooter.

V8ORS - Flying Rat started as a sketch drawing. The love for V8's, Rat Rodz and WWII planes mixed together made the perfect base for the concept art. 

After that went to the photoshop to paint it, give some colour, refining the idea.

The 3D model was next, and here as shown in the image, it started to look like the final one.

The first Rat was born!