segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2016

The name and logo

After selecting from a huge list of possible names, ACE of SPACE was the name chosen for the game.
The next step was to make the logo. Of course it wasn't at first, after making some sketches, it was time to make it on the computer.

The main idea was to create a badge, like the one's used by the WW II pilots and appealing to use it on a t-shirt. I think that the goal was achieved.

segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2016

Programming learning curve - Creating a SHMUP

My adventure in the programming world has been improving step by step.
It's very rewarded to being able to implement improvements, understand the code and what it does.

The new improvements made were:
- Different squad formation
- New path flight from the enemies
- Health Manager, now you get the chance to being hit 5 times and if catch the Energy Box it will increase to the max.
- A Bomb, to use when is your last resource, or not! It works by points, after using the Bomb it starts active after x points.

terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2016

Some SpaceShips concepts

Meanwhile, I've made some SpaceShips concepts for another Shoot'Em Up game, that's the kind of game I really like.

The lowpoly style is still present, it's a matter of taste, i really like this kind of 3D!
The game happens in the deep space, there's no name for it yet, but yesterday one came in a brainstorm and in the next post it's possible that I reveal it.

In Pixel We Trust Shoot'Em Up
Shoot'Em Up Concepts

I'll be using the V8ORS-Flying Rat base code and work from there. Already disable the Facebook login he has, put more movement on the enemies but the most important was the starting of understanding the code.

More features like a Health Bar, a Energy Box that you can pick up and restore some of the Health lost.

In Pixel We Trust Shoot'Em Up
Shoot'Em Up Concepts
previous features will be:
- A bomb that will destroy everything in the screen.
- Big bosses to destroy.

Hope you guys like the first concepts.