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The hard work of promoting a game

When we first approach to making a game we think "doing a game will be a huge project!!". If making a Site sometimes all the UX studies we made, where to put the content, what is more relevant and so on take time and work, making a game is that elevated by two hundred times!!

In a game you have the Story, the Game Document, Game Art, Ui Design, User Experience, Sound and the coding and this is not as simple and in a small scale like a webpage.
Besides this, the most part of the time it's all done by one person, like my case.

When you finish your game and think that is all done, you're completely wrong, because now is where the big percentage of work start's. I'm talking about the publishing and reach to the people, don't forget that almost 500 games reaches to the stores everyday (I'm talking only the one's made in Unity3D), so you have to battle with all this games and lots of them have big budget to use it on advertising, in my case I didn't use nothing on advertising.

The V8ORS-Flying Rat was my first ever game I've made, in this one all the work was made by me besides the coding part, this one a friend of mine invest in a programming team and after they received the game document they start to implement him on Unity3D. The deal was when they finish the game I could use the Unity Project by myself, so i did that to learn, as I posted before. 
This game was my first little approach to the industry, understand it, see how it works and the most important. . . . MAKE A GAME, a simple basic game, one so simple that it could be done in a few months, and this is very important, there's nothing like making things and don't let them live only in our head. This gave me lot of knowledge, I've learned from the errors and in ACE of SPACE I'm trying not to make them again.

One big error was not feeding the social networks while the game was on development, this is very important, makes you grow in the social network, makes you visible. You have to create the buzz, post and talk about the game before it's done, for people start following you while in development, show the improvements, begin to grow your connections. If you launch a game in the stores without making all this work before, it's very hard for your game to reach to the audience, remember that's a lot of people doing games and good games.

So don't forget, make the game and build your Social Network at the same time, show your improvements, create a strong communication about it, keep active.

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