quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2016

ACE of SPACE - UI Design

After creating the logo, it's time to change al the UI to the new image.
The first screenshot is from the Main Menu. The first approach is to keep it simple and straightforward.

Main Menu

The Main Menu has the basic functionality, the New Game Button, Levels Button and Credits.
Levels Menu

Credits Menu

The game starts with the basic instructions, Grab Your SpaceShip and how to use the Bomb.

Grab Your SpaceShip

Swipe To Use Bomb

After this is like hell! Try to survive against all the Enemies attacks, use the bomb, remember your quick reflex from the good old days you spent on the arcades Shoot'Em Ups, if you don't play arcades Shmups, you have to do it!

Let's see more UI Design from the In Game. You have all the needs when playing it. The Pause at the bottom left, th score in the top surrounded by the Health manager at the left and the Bomb Manager at the right. The Bomb after using it it will be charged by killing enemies, the more you kill the bomb will be charged faster.
The Pause button enables you to start a new game, resume the game and mute the sound, probably the Level Select Button will be implemented in the future.
When you die, shows up the End Game Menu, there's two types this kind of menu, when you die and reach the HighScore, and when you die whit less points than the HighScore.

In Game Ui Design
In Game Pause Menu
No HighScore
With HighScore

Every time you reach new enemies wave attacks, there's some encouraging sentences for you to keep up fighting like's there's no tomorrow!

Finally the Levels are implemented, not as i pretend but at least they work, so it means that there's a lot of levels and enemies spaceships to do, stay alert for more news.


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