quinta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2017

MONEY LORDS - Logo and studies

MONEY LORDS was the name chosen for the game, so now it's time to make the Logo.
Let's start for the name and logo studies.

To get some ideas for the Game name I've made a post in this Facebook Group, for people to help me after writing a short game story of the game. The most voted was CASH ONLY.

After doing this I started to feel that this name was not suitable for the story behind the game. So Another round of names and brainstorms.

After picking a few, started to make the first logos.

Exploring new ideas and instead of showing the Player/Hero, I'll have the idea of showing the bad guys.

Start to experiment this kind of approach, more illustrative. It comes out to detailed for the logo, but sure I'll use it later for other kind of game promotion.

The last ideas I've asked for feedback in the Social Networks.

At the end i'll chose the one with the bad guys, it's way more descriptive about the game story and works better for the Brand.

Hope you like it.


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