quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2017

ACE of SPACE Release!

Hello everyone!!

Finally the most anticipated game was released, it's on the Google Play.

Been in production for about a year, with some projects in the middle, the game is published! It's hard when we have to make that decision "is it ready?" For us, Game Developers, it seems is never ready, we saw flaws where most people don't see, but I have to set it free, I spent more time than I was expected, but I think the final product is good, I like to play it and play it a lot.

The first week was about debugging, so many Android devices out there and with that so many bugs, that never happened before in the Alpha Test. From now on, take out all the errors Unity3D has on the Console!! This should be clear for lot's of Developers, but from a lone Illustrator/Designer who started to learn C# and have all the other game stuffs to do, like promotion, Design, Illustration, etc, this "errors" I didn't debug, after all, the game worked on my phone and on the testers!!

I'll let here more images from several Enemies SpaceShips from the game and more Screenshots, where you can see the UI Design improvements.

Some Enemies SpaceShips, starts from some Bosses and some fighters just to open the appetite.

Hope you like the post and don't forget to download the game from Google Play, click HERE.


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