quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2017

ACE of SPACE Desktop version

That's right, Desktop versions of ACE of SPACE already published in two major gaming sites, GameJolt and Itch.io!!

The first thing was to put all the graphics arranged for a new platform, in the Mobile it is Portrait in the Desktops it's better if is Landscape. Resizing everything from the UI, moving UI assets from the top to the side, and doing that in all the levels.

When I finish the graphics Design it was time to move to another chapter that I was afraid of. The new Controls of the Player, Implement Keyboard as well as Gamepad. Before starting this task I'Vve published them to the Gamejolt.com and itch.io with the controls still in the MouseMovent. It was not being easy and can't figured it out a way to do it without changing lot's of things in the game and make it happen.
After spent days battling (sometimes in the wrong direction) with the Inputs in the Unity3D project, one quiet morning the Gamepad start to work/talk with the Console. What happened in the previous days different than this one?! I asked myself. It seems that, if you open Unity3D without the gamepad already connected to the Computer, it doesn't work at all. I'm such a noob!!!

So instead of having a desktop version controlled by the mouse (like a mobile game), now I was able to implement control by Keyboard (for those who don't have a Gamepad) and for Gamepads.
Of course that is not so simple like this, others problems start showing on. Starting the game with the MouseClick? That can't just happen! Starting with the fire Key is the right choice. What about instructions? We really need a new menu with the instructions.

Now i think the first part is done, let's see if there's a positive feedback and downloads from the game!

Have a good day and play ACE os SPACE a lot!!!


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