quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2016

Why this blog?

First of all i've made this blog with the intent to updated with all the stuff i made, including illustration, design, game development and probably some .
I've been creating blogs and putting news in several blogs related to projects, or games and feel the need to join everything in one blog, my online portfolios, my game development press kit, every illustration, sketch i've made during the day (i sketch a lot, and hope i'll keep update).

The last project i made was a Shoot'Em Up game for Android, it was thinking to IOS too but that was not possible due to several reasons. The is called V8ORS-Flying Rat the main idea was to made a game that the player dont need to go play everyday to complete tasks, or to see if the upgrade is finish or anything else, basically a game like the old ones i used to play a lot, a simple shooter where you train your Shoot'Em Up skills.
You can downloaded  from the Google Play Store:


Hope you enjoy the blog!!

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