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More Platform game ideas

In the previous post i started the Platform project with a  idea that soon turns out not so good. Like many things in live, start over again.

Character, scenario sketchs
This time the story is about a Secret Agent, who see's himself in a mission that went wrong and put's him a long sleep for decades.
Inspired by the everyday news about the Market and the "importance" of the Economics, i had the idea, "why not take all these guys and put them in a game?".
That's what i have done, the main story is about this Secret Agent sent to eliminate the "Dolar" a well know criminal that has been operating in the Financial Markets. Every one knows that who controls the Market controls the Governments, therefore controls everything.
We saw what happened when the FMI entered in Greece, Ireland and in Portugal, the place where i live, It's very hard for us, the people, who had to pay the Banks mistakes, the politics corruption and anything else they have made it wrong and we have to pay.

With this i asked myself, "Who really are the real criminals?". The one's who are in the streets and the news talks about! Or the one's who "creates" this street thugs, because they created the Economic to collapse and therefore have all the right to avoid this collapse?
Based on this i've created several criminals inspired by the the people who works in the financial world.

Game Characters

Our Hero is on the right, a talented Secret Agent trained by the best. From left to right we have " Suit", "Investor", "Analist", "Banker"and finally the Boss, "Dolar".

The main characters were created, now is time to the scenarios. Based on the main idea i started to sketch images that support the story, but unfortunately my sketch book was stolen with all my things and at this moment i don't have nothing else to show besides the stuff i had in my computer.

Scenario study whit actions and annotations

Scenario ambient and colours studies

The basic gameplay studies, interactions and "to do's" in the game, also game objects ideas, moving platforms start to take shape, next the approach to the scenario colours, light and ambiance.

Stay tuned for more news!!

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