quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2016

The V8ORS-Flying Rat Saga

This was my first game project i've made, do all the artwork, the design, game document, sound, almost everything apart the real coding of it, but i'm learning and my next project will be a game all made by me.

The main goal of this game was to create a game like the good old arcade type of feeling. A game where you have to train your Shoot'Em Up skills to avoid enemy fire and the ability to shoot' them down, a straight forward game but with the "Easy to learn, hard to master" concept apply to it.

it all started as a V8 Engine on airplanes, the love for the WW II aviation made the rest as a base idea. The game started to have some shape, the first prototype were tested and after a while it was launched in the Google Play Store.

Did he went well? Not really! Did i learn with it? A LOT!
I didn't expected to have success at first, like most of the people think when a game is launched, i knew that when it was released almost a hundred games, or more, were released at the same time to the stores around the world.
But i had to!! Instead of writing a book, i've made a game, some saying that in life everyone must plant a tree, have a child and write a book, the first ones i already made, a proud Dad, a Bonsai enthusiast, it misses writing a book, as you noticed i'm very poor at writing, so this is the reason why i've made the game.

The learning i've taken from this experienced was the most important. Know how to deal with the Ads campaigns, knowing how much do we have to had to invest in it (i had and still had none to invest on this part of the process), the small things that i never had though.

My next one i'll try to avoid the errors, apply what i learned in the process and do it in my free times, it's not possibly for now to live as a game developer and most of all with only one game of course!!

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