quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2016

Programming learning

It's time to step to another level, it's not enough to have a simple knowledge of programming, my goal is to learn C# to use it in Unity3D.
 As a Illustrator/Designer my way to approach to programming is not the best, I have to had a better understanding of the programming concepts, knowing what to use to solve a problem or achieve my objectives.

I've made a personal objective to create a side scroller shooter, the main reason to this approach and not the previous one, the Spy game, is because I've already have all the V8ORS 3D assets needed to the project, so I can spent my time on programming and not on creating assets and animations, the other reason is that I really love this kind of games, they are the one's that makes me playing when I have some spare time.
In this version I'll try to make levels, final bosses, upgrading the airplane and make more models for the player to choose. Squads formations, more enemies and levels. In time and with knowledge perhaps more features will be added.

Stay tuned for more news!!

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