segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2016

500 Downloads on V8ORS - Flying Rat

It's on the little things we get strength to continue the Indie game adventure, first the 100 downloads, now the 500, hope the 1000's take less time.

It's harder to get new downloads now, there's that first boom when the game is launched and friends go and download it, the game is featured in the Play Store and we have a lot of energy and motivation to fight for. I'm still fighting for it, not so many post as I used to but the main reason is because there's not much to say about the game, no new reviews and there's no need to make post "just to make posts"!!

The V8ORS - Flying Rat taught me a lot of things, it was the main reason to do it, to learn about making games and the most important thing, to publish it and to make people download it. I've learned a lot, the mails for the reviews sites are important, but there's no reply from them, time to time i change the mail "subject", that's the first thing the reviewer see's at the morning when opens the mail, it's the most important thing, a good mail subject, like the app icon on the Store, it's the first thing people see. Who many times we open a game because the app Icon is nice? The first impression breaks the wall and make the most important thing for us, developers, THE CLICK!!

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