terça-feira, 31 de março de 2015

V8ORS - Flying Rat - The new approach

All set for the promising future, refined enemies planes, another enemy class, a Indie Gogo Campaign, see it here. We're ready for combat, like the game!

Besides the normal Rat model it will have a PowerUp that will give him one damage point and more fire power.

The enemies were divided by classes; Fighters and Air Defences.
The first ones, like the name says, are Fighters. More maneuverability, fasters and deadly.
The colours range were defined to red and black, more black, more deadly!

Air Defence Class, are based in heavy armor and fire power, less maneuverability but fear to stop.
Some don't fire, like the Spikey, they serve to block our shots. The Torretz are made of two cannons shooting at you like there's no tomorrow!
Finally, the Twins, don't mess with them! They start shooting, but if you destroy them, they release the Twins, a pair of missiles made to destroy you!

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