terça-feira, 31 de março de 2015

Indie Gogo Campaign

V8ORS - Flying Rat has started a Crowdfunding Campaign in Indie Gogo .
Lot's of fun stuff in the perks. Started with the name in the game Credits, Wallpapers, and the application, in the Private Perks.
The Sargeant Perks has some appareal of the Game, some T-Shirts and Hoodies for the Sageants.
Officer Perks, little toys for big people. In the Officer Perks you get 3D printed models of the game, Start's with one model to choose, four models and if you want to be a Major, ALL MODELS for the Majors.
Here's a sneak preview of the perks, go see them in the Indie Gogo Campaign.
Hope you like them and some contribution will be nice!

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