segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2016

Programming learning curve - Creating a SHMUP

My adventure in the programming world has been improving step by step.
It's very rewarded to being able to implement improvements, understand the code and what it does.

The new improvements made were:
- Different squad formation
- New path flight from the enemies
- Health Manager, now you get the chance to being hit 5 times and if catch the Energy Box it will increase to the max.
- A Bomb, to use when is your last resource, or not! It works by points, after using the Bomb it starts active after x points.

At this moment I'm creating the Level Menu. It will work with the score, because the V8ORS was not made to have levels, the difficulty is increased by points, when the player reaches a certain points the next attack is launched. I'm using the this score to unlock the Levels and now it can be played from the unlocked levels made so far.

In this screenshot it can be seen the Health Manager on top and the Slide Bar at the bottom is the Bomb Manager. This UI is still dummy, just testing if everything is ok.
Speaking of that, i'm already working on the UI, I already had the name, working on the logo, and therefore the UI. Probably it would be the next post.

Stay tuned for more news!!

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